Portrait of Cassie Crocker

Cassie Crocker

Site Support: Engagement

Cassie was born and educated in Cardiff and moved to London where she studied Fine Art (Painting) at Chelsea School of Art and Design.

Following a good stint of travelling (highlights including camping and foraging in the Pantanal) Cassie returned to Cardiff where she got a real job to support her quest to become a Turner Prize winning artist. She has since learnt that 'real job' and 'artist' are not harmonious concepts!

As part of her position as Marketing Executive at a large barristers' set Cassie organised educational and social events and developed a fascination for the diverse species that is man.

She loves being lost in the hills and finding the rare wild spaces, drawing/painting/designing and most importantly exploring the world for the first time, again, with her two children.

Cassie is part of the Site Support team with particular emphasis education and outreach, alongside looking after the outside spaces and bees. She feels emphatic about the importance of designing 'green' into our public spaces for the mental and physical health of city dwellers.

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