The Trust

The Insole Court Trust was established to deliver the Renewal Project in partnership with Cardiff Council, and subsequently to take ownership of Insole Court through a Community Asset Transfer scheme through a long-term lease. The Trust is directly responsible for Insole Court, its sustainability and its future as a heritage asset and community facility.

The Trust is managed by the above Board of Trustees who work through the committees listed below. The committees oversee Trust business and take recommendations to the Board. They comprise at least two Trustees along with other volunteers with relevant expertise and experience.

  • Governance. Responsibility for Trust legal matters including contracts, leases and agreements, and for governance and the running of the Trust.
  • Finance. Responsibility for the Business Plan and overall sustainability of Insole Court. (Laurence Roblin)
  • Buildings. Responsibility for capital works and matters that affect the development, maintenance and ongoing integrity of the buildings and grounds. (Mike Clarke)
  • Heritage. Responsibility for the development of interpretation and the heritage offer, ongoing research, and the safeguarding and appreciation of Insole Court as a heritage asset. ( Elaine Davey)
  • Gardens. Provide oversight of the public gardens (managed by Cardiff Council Parks) and the coordination of garden volunteers.

The Trust also convenes advisory groups when necessary, for specific areas of activity including communications, catering and recruitment. The groups are made up of volunteers with relevant expertise and experience and headed by at least one Trustee. These advisory groups also take recommendations to the Board.

All staff and consultants report to the Board directly or through Insole Court's Director.

To download a copy of the Insole Court Trust's annual report click here

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