Community Garden

The walled garden provided fruit and vegetables for the Insole household. In public ownership, its need and maintenance declined and it gradually became like a wilderness, in danger of being overrun by sycamores.

Due to the initiative of local resident John Isaacs, it was saved from its relentless decline. In 2009, a group of hardy gardeners came on Saturday mornings. Digging and clearing one corner, they worked their way around the garden.  Since then it has been used to grow fruit on a communal basis, with small plots for those interested in growing their own crops.

While those maintaining the plots have changed over the years, the Saturday morning communal gardening sessions continue, supplemented by occasional social events. If you are interested in the community garden, either to help with general gardening tasks or to inquire about the availability of the plots, please email Angela Tillcock ([email protected])

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