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ACTion for Living

When: 26/11/19 – 17/12/19. 4 week term. Tuesdays 13:00 – 15:00

Many people suffer a great deal, experiencing emotional problems that sometimes threaten to overwhelm them. They do their best to control things and to change their life for the better, but sometimes the more they struggle, the worse things seem to get. As a result, people are left with their worries, their anxiety, their depression and their distress.

Faced with such suffering, there is a natural tendency to put life on hold - to promise yourself that you'll get back on track and start living again when you finally manage to overcome your distress. But this may take a long time, and meanwhile you have a very poor quality of life.

Struggling to get rid of an emotional problem can sap all of your energy and can make the problem worse. Putting your life on hold while you wait for the problem to go away is not good for you. So what's the answer?

The answer is to learn to live WITH your emotional problems while you still have them. Many people have found that their quality of life can be improved, and their suffering reduced, by using new ideas and strategies taken from recent developments in therapy - including one called "ACT" (that stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

ACT helps people to reduce their suffering and to get much more out of life by understanding more about how their mind works and by following two main principles: Accept the things that you can't control and Make a Commitment to do what you can to improve and enrich your life.

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