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Authentic Tai Chi Taster Session

Where: Carriage House Hall
When: Date: Thursday, 21st November, 2019 Time: 6.15pm - 7.15pm

NOTE: Tai chi (contrary to popular belief!) is actually quite vigorous at times. As with any physical activity - please ensure you are fit enough and not suffering from any injuries or medical conditions.

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting/ sports attire and flat-soled plimsolls or trainers. And bring water or replacement fluids to drink.

REAL TAI CHI ~ Defying Perceptions

Experience authentic tai chi for yourself - direct from the source...

A 'hands-on' introduction to the core elements and essential principles of authentic taijiquan (tai chi) - presented in an open and supportive learning environment, allowing participants the opportunity to feel for themselves the rich benefits of this captivating art - defying previous perceptions of tai chi and demonstrating what taijiquan is really all about.

Let your Journey Begin

After a gentle warm up you shall be introduced to each of the three key components to traditional taijiquan: standing meditation, silk reeling exercises and forms practice - all of which you will experience and try out for yourself in the hour and a half long session.

Awakening your Qi ~ Zhan Zhuang (Standing Pole)

Can you discover the "motion in stillness"?

Discover the meditative (and physical) benefits of standing pole meditation.

Energising your Qi ~ Chansigong (Silk Reeling)

Are you able to remain "Still in motion"?

Experience the unique spiralling energy and extremely calming effect of this mindful practice.

Flowing with your Qi ~ Taolu (The Form)

Be "Like flowing water and drifting clouds"

After watching a demonstration, you will learn for yourself a series of flowing postures that combine to make up a form - the iconic component of tai chi that most are familiar with or have seen on tv or in films.

'Tapping' and Green tea!

The session ends with a traditional Chinese style cool down followed by a refreshing cup of green tea.

Cost £10

Please reserve your place in advance - email Andy at [email protected]

Book now to avoid disappointment. (Limited to 10 places)

For more information about the session or authentic tai chi go to:

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