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Beginners Yoga Core & Flow with Cloudstar Yoga

When: Mondays 12th October, 19th, 26th October, 2nd November, 6pm 7pm

If you would like to engage with this block of four classes you need to book a place in advance. Spaces are limited because of restrictions due to Covid-19. Mats will be spaced to allow a 2 metre gap between students and hand sanitiser/wipes will be provided in the space for students to use if they wish.

Once you are booked onto the course you will be sent more information about what you need to bring with you to the classes, and informed about other important details prior to attending. You will be required to fill in a PAR Q form with your details and information about any injuries/health conditions that might impact your practice prior to attending the classes.

For bookings please contact: [email protected]

More information about Cloudstar Yoga and services available on our Facebook page :

Website to be launched soon!:

Our Beginners Yoga Core & Flow classes are taught in 4 week blocks (1 hour session per week).

The classes are focused on introducing Vinyasa flow to yoga practice. This style runs as a constant within classes and is combined with a focus on working breath to movement and a strong emphasis on improving core strength as classes progress. I am a firm believer that we could all do with finding and maintaining our core! Classes move at varied paces to keep things interesting and incorporate lots of twists to improve back strength as we move through sequences. Students are able to build their confidence as they begin practicing and becoming more familiar with flowing sequences and combining these with learning exercises offered specifically for strengthening their core.

The beauty of working in four week blocks is that we can progress in each class as students will be the same for the month block. Different core exercises will be introduced in sessions and students will be given (optional!) practice based homework to help keep the momentum between sessions.

Beginners to the world of yoga are welcome!

Email contact for bookings/more information: [email protected]

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