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DragonOak Magical workshops

When: Sunday 28th July

All ages welcome at Festivals, however workshops are restricted to those 18 or above.

DragonOak Magical Workshops are a wonderful introduction to the world of paganism and magical practise. It’s a great way to come and learn in a non-committal fashion, perfect if you cannot spare the time to undertake formal training or just want company and fellowship with like minded people. We are an experienced group of practitioners who have been working together for over 25 years in the celebration of the wheel of the year and in the practise of magical techniques such as magic, ritual, alchemy, tool making and all aspects of occult practise.

Starting from Yule we will be celebrating all of the pagan festivals in the wonderful Insole park.

Come and celebrate with us. Come and learn with us in a welcoming safe environment.

Contact Sian Sibley on Facebook or on the web.

Email [email protected] for further information

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