Where: Carriage House Hall
When: Thursdays 11.30 - 12.30 pm - This is a rolling programme throughout each term. There is a 6 class booking discount but women are welcome to come to one off classes. Pre booking is essential however.

Suitable for women 6 weeks post-partum.

This is a rolling programme throughout each term. There is a 6 class booking discount but women are welcome to come to one off classes. Pre-booking is essential however.

Classes are £10 per class (or £48 if pre pay for 6 - £8 per class)- Pre-booking is essential.

Please contact [email protected] or call on 07890689664 to attend a class.

Visit for more information

Mumma Physio is a unique Cardiff based company, merging the concepts of Physiotherapy and Pilates to produce a superior rehabilitation service to women ante and post natally

This Physiotherapist led class focuses on:

  • pelvic floor recruitment
  • restoration of abdominal tone and core stability
  • spinal mobility
  • upper and lower body strength

As a result, the classes can help treat and prevent incontinence, abdominal separations (DRAM), maintain bone density and assist with weight loss. Furthermore they offer social interaction and a relaxed, informal environment allowing Mum’s to focus on their recovery.

Being led by an extremely qualified and experienced Physiotherapist gives you the reassurance that you are in safe hands with exercises being specifically adapted to you, your stage of recovery and your goals. Joanna has been a chartered Physiotherapist since 2005, working as a specialist rehabilitation Physiotherapist in professional sport for over a decade. She has an MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine as well as extensive qualifications in Sports yoga and Pilates, specialising in recent years in ante and post natal Pilates and Physiotherapy techniques. Most importantly, Joanna has two beautiful children, Sienna (9lb 7oz) in 2015 and Rory (10lb 11oz) in 2018 so not only does she have the qualifications and skills to support you postnatally, she has the personal experience to know what you may be going through. She feels passionately that women are given every opportunity to experience a healthy pregnancy and return to full fitness post-partum which is essential for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Mumma Physio’s post natal classes are suitable for Mum’s 6 weeks post birth. No previous experience is required but a one on one post natal check up is highly recommended prior to attending classes to assess any musculoskeletal issues you may have, assess abdominal separation and teach you the specific core recruitment patterns which will ensure you gain maximum benefit from the classes, leading to a faster post natal recovery.

Babies are of course welcome to attend and mats are provided for them next to Mum. Visit for more information or contact [email protected].uk or call 07890689664

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