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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Where: Tuesdays: Carriage House Hall & Sundays: Billiards Room
When: Tuesdays: 'Rise & Shine' 9:30-11 am (From September 10-11 am) & Sundays: 'Rejuvenate' 10:30-11:30

Book online through Facebook at

Alternatively, contact Liz Wigham by email at [email protected], or phone 07449 808 843

Yoga is a transformative process that builds on gentle postures and breathing techniques to help restore body alignment, build strength and increase clarity of mind, leading to a healthier, calmer you.

You do not need to be athletic or double jointed to enjoy and benefit from yoga. These classes are ideal for beginner to intermediate level students. You will move to your own capacity and comfort, and can start at any age. Leave class feeling refreshed and well prepared to face whatever lies ahead in your day.

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