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Cosmic Yoga

Where: Billiards Room, Insole Court Mansion
When: Starting 14th January 2019 - Every Monday at 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm (excluding Bank Holidays & half terms)

Yoga for Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

There are many reasons why people turn to yoga - to strengthen the physical body & to improve their flexibility, to feel emotionally calm & relaxed, for peace of mind & clear thinking, to deepen their spirituality and overall feelings of wellness.

Yoga fans learn that through a regular yoga practice their whole wellbeing improves as their ability to cope in times of stress is strengthened. Many yoga followers report sleeping better after a yoga class, feeling calmer, more relaxed, physically stronger with improved mobility, emotionally happier & more optimistic. The multiple benefits on the overall wellbeing are why so many people are now turning to yoga.

If you are looking to attend a yoga class where the wellbeing of your heart, mind and soul are valued as much as your body then you are in the right place.

In truth you are not your body, or your thoughts or your emotions, these are all temporary experiences and forever changing, through the practice of yoga you can learn to flow with the changing seasons of your life to experience deeper levels of wholeness as you connect to yourself, to each other and the Universe, Joanne will show you how.

Joanne blends different styles of yoga to create a unique yoga experience to regain balance and restore feelings of oneness.

What to bring: Your own yoga mat. Block/brick, cushion or throw for relaxation (optional)

What to wear: relaxed, comfortable clothes, layers are helpful

Cost: 10 week course £80.00

* Limited spaces please book in advance to confirm your place.

Contact Joanne: 07783 772675

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