Cystadleuaeth 'Eich Delwedd yma' * 'Your image here' Competition


Rydym wedi derbyn sawl delwedd syfrdanol o Cwrt Insole gan ein gymuned lleol ac ymwelwyr dros y blynyddoedd. Dyma’r cyfle i gael eich delwedd wedi’i meynhau gan bawb. Rydym yn edrych am ddelwedd gwych o Cwrt Insole i gael ei printio i’n cardiau cyfarchion newydd. Nid yw’r cyfrwng yn bwysig i ni, gall fod yn llun, braslun, peintiad, cross stitch, delwedd digidol ...mae jyst angen iddo fod yn sbesial! Y plasdy dylai bod ffocws y darn, ond nid oes rhaid bod yn bortreat traddodiadol.

Danfonwch eich delwedd cydraniad uchel gorau i ni drwy e-bost.
Danfonwch i: [email protected]
Dyddiad cau: Dydd Mercher, Mawrth 31ain

We’ve received some stunning images of Insole Court from our local community and visitors over the years. Now’s your chance to have your image enjoyed by all. We’re looking for a great image of Insole Court to be printed onto our new greeting’s cards. The medium is not important to us, it could be a photograph, sketch, painting, cross stitch, digital image... it just needs to be special! The focus should be the mansion house, but it doesn’t have to be a traditional portrait.

Please submit your best high resolution ‘image’ of Insole Court via e-mail.
Send to: enquir[email protected]
Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, March 31st

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