​Iris- The rainbow bridge that spans the world.

Art Work By Beth Morris’S Silverlining Workshop
Art work by Beth Morris’s Silverlining Workshop.

It’s still Museum Week and we’ve been really enjoying seeing the brilliant contributions coming from different cultural institutions from around the world!

Today’s theme is #rainbowMW so we’re adding a splash of colour to our blog with some of the beautiful irises that Insole Court is famous for.

At Insole Court we believe heritage doesn’t just have to be about the past it can be about celebrating life! Our colourful irises are the perfect example of this philosophy.

Iris Medal
Violet's silver medal, won for her Dog rose iris.

Cultivated in the early 1900s by Violet Insole, an award-winning horticulturalist, irises are very much part of our history.

Our archive holds the medals won by Violet for the irises she hybridised.

This includes a silver medal for one of her best-known introductions, Dog rose.

The inscription on the medal reads ‘Iris- The rainbow bridge that spans the world’. Which for today’s Museum Week theme could not ring more true.

Cassies Iris
Violet's Dog rose iris bloomed again at Insole Court

At Insole Court we love horticultural history as it is able to bring new life to the past and bring colour into our cultural institutions. Our talented gardener Cassy Crocker has breathed life into Violet’s Dog rose iris which is now once again blooming in the grounds of Insole Court.

Cassy’s hard work has been inspiring art and creation throughout our house. Beth Morris who runs her fantastically colourful workshops from our dairy has been using the irises to inspire some stunning artworks from her #SilverSketchers (a group of amateur artists living with brain injury).

Iris 1

For more information on our irises, archive, gardens or Beth Morris Workshops visit our website or get in touch at [email protected].

Happy museum week to all, we can’t wait to see what the end of the week has in store.

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