The Fireplace by Lily Bretos

Acrylic on Board 350 x 250 approx.
Lily Bretos, 2020.

When Lily, a local A level student got in touch and showed us her completed school artwork we were amazed. The way in which she has caught the spirit in the room is incredible, not to mention the impeccable attention to detail. What talent! We needed to know more...

1. How important is art to you?
Art is extremely important to me, I have been interested in art since I was little.
I view it as a way of expressing emotions and an escape from other aspects of life, you can focus and lose yourself in the piece.
I believe all art is a memory and something we can use to reflect on in the future that is more than a photograph.

2. What are your plans after finishing school?
Once I have left school I plan to study either Art or Business at University and go from there

3. How long did it take you to complete the "Fireplace" Painting?
This painting took me around 15 hours to make but it was spread over a month

4. Why did you choose Insole Court ?
I chose Insole Court as my friend and I were out taking pictures for my project, the topic I chose being "Homes from different cultures, wealth and periods of time", my friend suggested Insole Court as she had recently visited with her family and remembered it had a variety of features that fit well with my theme.
I have also used Insole Court as the inspiration for many of my other A.S.pieces.

5. Why the Fireplace?
I focused on the fireplace for this piece because it is simple yet tells a story, I loved the small carvings and the mirror above it.
In my project I've been exploring light and the reflections and shadow it can cast, so this fireplace was ideal as it had light from various sources creating a myriad of colours and shadows over the fireplace and the wall with the blue and deeper green tones coming together.

6. Have you been painting during lock down?
Yes , I have been painting in lock down, I've been continuing with my project for school as well as painting just for myself.

7. What inspires you?
I am inspired mostly in life by light and brightness, they inspire me to paint and be creative.

Lily Bretos - Whitchurch High School

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