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Who we are

The collection contains an archive and is housed in our dedicated archive room. The collections are managed by a small team of researchers. We are continually in the process of improving and refining the system in which our collection is housed. Our role is to catalogue and preserve the collection as well as to facilitate access to the holdings. We have a variety of interested visitors ranging from researchers to artists to members of the public who have fond memories of Insole Court from their own past.

The collections maintain a symbiotic relationship with our researchers. In addition to our main collection we have a reference collection consisting of documents accumulated by the researchers during their investigations. Researchers also enjoy the use of our dedicated archive room to further their studies. The group meets here regularly to share their new discoveries leading to future avenues of examination.

With the generous support of the Trust and the Friends of Insole Court we have been able to begin our journey of conservation and organisation, however we have a long way ahead of us. We rely on funding from members of the public and like-minded organisations. Any help is very greatly appreciated.

For any questions about our research or holdings please get in touch at the email below. Alternatively, if you have any information about or memories of Insole Court or would like to support our work please contact us at [email protected].

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