Do you like being outside? Plantlife needs your help!

Cass Crocker

Cassie Crocker, Project Officer from nature charity, 'Plantlife Cymru', shares details of a new mobile app for tracking fungi.

Do you like being outside? Could you spare an hour or two? We need your help!

Download the WaxcApp survey app to your phone and use it on strolls around Insole Court and other local green spaces over the coming weeks and you can contribute to biodiversity monitoring. Waxcaps are particular to grasslands – but Insole had lots of different bits of fungi cropping up. Why not share photos online using the hashtag #plantlifecymru

Waxcap app has been developed as part of Magnificent Meadows Wales project (Plantlife) and aims to let everyone know about beautiful fungi called waxcaps, coral fungi and earthtongues that grow in our ‘grassy-lands’ including pastures, parks or cemeteries. Summer wildflowers in meadows are replaced by fungi in the autumn. The app encourages people to get out and record colours of fungi, not species names, therefore no fungus knowledge is necessary. It can be used and in encouraged to be used multiple times at the same site.

This is where you can find all the information about the app, how to download it and where to go search for fungi:

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