Wedding Dos and Don'ts

How to plan your perfect wedding


With another Wedding Season drawing to a close (though we still have four more to go here at Insole Court!) our Bookings Manager Heledd Jones shares some 'dos' and 'don'ts' for planning your dream wedding.


Get married in a place that gives you butterflies. If you don’t love it on your first visit, you won’t love it on your wedding day. Choosing your wedding venue should be like choosing your house - capacity, location and style count, but it’s that *special feeling* that’s most important.


Choose a catering menu that excites you. Think about your favourite holidays, the place you got engaged, the food you eat every Friday night. If it’s special to you then your guests are bound to enjoy it and it’s a great talking piece for the table!

Speak openly and honestly with your venue. If there’s something you’re not happy about, they’ll want to know. I’d never want to hear a couple say ‘It was an amazing day, apart from…’. There should be no room for negatives on your big day.

Check that you’re comfortable in your shoes. Whether they’re sky scrapers, sandals or loafers, it’s likely they will be brand new, shiny shoes and new shoes can be SO uncomfortable. You don’t want to be in pain and move awkwardly during your first dance.

Let your guests know if you don’t want surprises. From the Best man preparing video footage of the stag do to Bridesmaids arranging Shetland ponies for the day…we’ve seen it all! If you’re not ok with surprises, make sure the likely culprits and your venue know!



Turn up late. Many people don’t realise that Vicars, Registrars and Celebrants are booked for a time slot, and often have to travel directly to the next wedding. It may be your entire day, but it could be 1 of 4 weddings for them that day and time is of the essence.


Give vague information on your invitation. Inevitably the headache will be yours when trying to chase your guests who didn’t know by when to RSVP, didn’t realise they were invited to the day as well as the evening or didn’t know that the wedding was on a weekday.


Plan little details too far ahead. If you’re buying your wedding favours with 24 months to go, there’s a chance that styles will change, your cousin had something similar on her wedding day and you may hate it so much that you end up buying again, spending double on little details.


Expect the sun to shine. Plan, expect and be prepared for bad weather. Remind yourself that it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. Anything better than a thunder storm will then seem like a complete dream, the really cherry on the cake.

Underestimate the importance of your photographer’s shot list. It doesn’t have to be a long list, 5 photographs might be enough. Keep in mind what photographs you’d be upset about if you didn’t find them in your album following the big day.


And of course choosing the perfect venue. For more information about your wedding at Insole Court see our wedding page here or email [email protected]

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