National Tree Week

National Tree Week is the UK's largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season.

This National Tree Week, people are planting trees around the country. They are laying down roots for a more tree-filled future, led by the National Tree Champion Sir William Worsley, to tackle climate change and protect our precious wildlife habitats.

This week long initiative is run by the National Tree Council who have lots of resources on their website here.

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest tree celebration, inspiring communities across the UK to plant thousands of trees every year since 1975. Marking the start of the tree planting season, the campaign has its roots in the response to Dutch Elm Disease crisis of the 1960s, which wiped out more than 20 million of our most significant landscape trees. People came together to “Plant A Tree in ‘73”, and every year since, organisations, professionals, schools and our amazing network of volunteer Tree Wardens have planted trees around the country to lay down roots for a tree-filled future.

The National Tree Council also provides a handy list of how we can all be Tree Champions. These include:

1. Plant Trees -with a helpful guide from the Tree Council here

2. Spread the Word by using social media, and following the @TreeCouncil

3. Attend a local event.

.....And we can help with 2 and 3! On Monday 25th November we're holding a Tree Walk to take in Insole's beautiful and historic trees. Led by Malcolm Frazer, former Trees Officer for Cardiff Council. Beginning with planting a tree (with some help from pupils from Cantonian High School, followed by a walk around the grounds where Malcolm will talk through the trees of Insole and also answer any questions about trees, tree planting and maintenance!

11.30am Monday 25th November.

This is a free event, but donations to the Insole Court Trust (which supports the maintenance of our gardens, and of course trees) are appreciated.

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