New Exhibition Open “This House is a Stage”

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“This House is a Stage” is an experiential exhibition that brings local history to life in the form of a dramatic rendition of the rise and the fall of the Insole Family, who built and inhabited the mansion, spanning an entire century from their arrival in Cardiff in the 19th century.

The exhibition relays the Insole family story, which mirrors Cardiff’s rise and decline during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

The Insoles were pioneering coal-shippers and mine-owners, railwaymen and docksmen during the three generations of Welsh Steam Coal’s dominance of world industry. The family reached the height of its prosperity in the late 19th Century having acquired large land holdings, central to which was their home, Insole Court.  

Business Manager, Gray Hill said: “We are very excited to embark upon this new exciting chapter for Insole Court, marked by the recent opening of our new immersive family drama, “This House is a Stage”. We now have the pleasure of inviting people into the inner depths of the house to experience not only its rich local history, but also the secrets, stories and dreams of the Insole family and their life in Wales during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

“This truly is an almost theatrical way for visitors to come to know the story of the Insole family in their original and restored family home, hidden away in Cardiff city centre, still standing after being brought back to life again for the people of today to visit and we are thrilled to invite people from Cardiff and beyond this summer to Insole Court.”


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