Statement on the planned pigeon control measures at Insole Court

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Insole Court is very proud of the work it undertakes with the community and the safety and wellbeing of our visitors, staff and the students of our onsite school are our number one priority.

Further to this, for the last 18 months Insole Court has sought expert advice from a pest control company with over 35 years’ experience whom have also provided advice to Cadw, on how to handle the growing issue of pigeons and the mess they make to the buildings and the surrounding area, which is classed as a biohazard and a public health risk.

After exhausting all non-lethal measures to eradicate the problem, we decided to follow the advice given by professionals and undertake the last resort, which is a culling of the pigeons. This will ensure public safety and the continued enjoyment of our facilities, including our Grade II* listed house which was being corroded by the mess deposited.

However, after listening to feedback received from the public regarding this pest control issue, Insole Court has taken the decision to postpone the culling measure planned for Thursday 20th December whilst we seek further professional advice from experts, partners and stakeholders about moving forward with the advised action.

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