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Sound Journey

When: 8th January 7-8pm

In a Gong Bath the rejuvenating sound waves still the mind, soothe the spirit and take us to the peaceful realms of our deepest self where healing and transformation occur and energy can be restored.

The best part about a gong bath is that anyone can enjoy it – no prior experience, change of clothes, technology, or special abilities are required. Some people describe a gong bath as an effortless type of meditation because “it just happens to you”.

Please bring a yoga matt, cosy clothes and a blanket to be as comfortable as possible.

Using the ancient sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and large gongs you will be immersed into a deep relaxation, where sound waves will pass through your body working to deeply relax the nervous system bringing you into a soft meditation and the body back to its natural holistic resonance.

These sessions provide a space to restore and re-balance your energy, detoxify the body and create deep energetic shifts to bring about positive change.

Every part of your body has a natural frequency, and this frequency can be thrown off balance by stress, illness and other factors. High quality gongs produce a full spectrum of frequencies. By exposing yourself to this range, you can re-tune your own vibration to its most optimal state.

What’s more, sound meditation has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety, release physical tension, boost mood, and improve concentration and focus, among many other positive effects.

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