Promo image: Salt of the Sarkar at Insole Court

Salt of the Sarkar at Insole Court

Where: Foyer of the mansion
When: Open Now

Pop-Up Photographic Exhibition to mark the First World War Centenary - Remembering Indian Soldiers in the First World War

An exhibition of evocative photographs taken by pioneering Daily Mirror photographer, Horace Grant, who documented Indian Soldiers arriving at the port town of Marseilles on 26 September 1914. The images relate to the opening chapters of the novel Across the Black Waters by Mulk Raj Anand, 1940.

Across the Black Waters brings to life the historical facts of the arrival of the first Indian troops ever to fight in Europe weeks after the start of the First World War. Mulk Raj Anand tells of their travel to Flanders at the beginning of the worst winter of the war and their traumatic experiences. As a teenager he met the soldiers when they returned to India after the war and vowed to tell their story.

Pioneer Daily Mirror Press Photographer, Horace Grant made sure he was in the right place at the right time to capture the huge impact made by these warriors from the other side of the world as they landed, marched through Marseilles, settled in their camp on the Race Course, and then travelled on to spend more time in Orléans, south of Paris before moving to Flanders, arriving on 22 October 1914.

The images taken by Horace Grant show the human side of the soldiers’ lives as they adjusted to a totally new environment for them.

This evocative exhibition, Salt of the Sarkar, is brought to Insole Court by Dominic Rai and Caroline Goffin through their mutual desire to tell the story of soldiers from the army of Undivided India (prior to Independence in 1947).

Drawing on fact and fiction they bring into sharp focus this often neglected aspect of World War One history.

* The exhibition contains copyrighted images from pioneer Daily Mirror photographer Horace Grant.

For more information, please contact Salt of the Sarkar via email: [email protected] or to speak to Dominic call 07519 634 282

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