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Wading Birds: Identification & Ecology

When: Thursdays 7pm to 9pm, starting 5th March -6 weekly courses (on a Thursday) ending 9th April

Cost: £172

The course consists of six indoor sessions taught through interactive fun teaching covering the wide range of wading birds with a key focus on those likely to be seen in South Wales. Identifying these birds and understanding their ecology and the part they play in the habitats in which they live will be covered. This will be built upon through two field trips to local coastal areas in the Cardiff-Newport area (travel to sites by car share). Field trips will be gentle walks on mostly good quality flat paths and will run for the whole day – bring a packed lunch and be prepared for typical Welsh Weather!

The Severn Estuary, right on our doorstep here in South Wales, is situated on a major migratory “flyway” in Western Europe. We therefore have access to sites that support an amazing diversity of wildfowl and wading birds that are wonderful to see, but some groups can be a challenge to identify. Wading birds are one of these challenging groups.

This course is for beginner or intermediate birdwatchers and naturalists that want to know how to identify the range of small, medium and large wading birds, from Dunlin and Stints, through plovers and shanks, to godwits and Whimbrel. The course will combine this with an understanding of their ecology and hence why these birds live where they do. After the indoor sessions to get the basics and learn about their ecology, trips to key sites, well known to the instructor, will enable identification skills to be put in to practice for real.

The instructor has been a keen birdwatcher for almost 40 years and has taught ornithology in the past for Lifelong Learning modules (e.g. at Cardiff University) and has led a huge number of field trips including over 50 residential field trips. Please note this course is NOT affiliated to any higher education institution and so there is no coursework or formal qualification award; the course is just for personal interest and fun!

To book contact Roo and Nicky Perkins at [email protected] or 07837 249 151. More information available on our website at

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