Insole Court Friends

In 1988, Insole Court Action Group was formed in response to the fear that the then Cardiff City Council was about to dispose of what was regarded locally as a vital communal asset.

In 1993 we were reconstituted as The Friends of Insole Court (renamed Insole Court Friends in 2015).

For 3 decades we have successfully campaigned to retain the Court as an asset for the whole of Cardiff and as Llandaff's primary local community facility.

Our objects are:

  • To co-operate with all appropriate organisations in promoting full use by the community of Insole Court House and Gardens
  • To monitor on behalf of the community, the rehabilitation of Insole Court and its subsequent uses
  • To engage in researching and interpreting any matters relevant to the history of Insole Court House and Grounds, the Insole family and their business.

In 2011, after more than two decades of campaigning and co-operation we gave birth to the Insole Court Trust, whose role has been to bring the Court under community management and secure a renewed and dynamic role for this magnificent survival of Cardiff’s Victorian heyday that will benefit many generations to come.

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